Window Cleaning Services by SunshineGirls Cleaning

Professional Interior And Exterior Window Cleaning Service In Gauteng

Window Cleaning Services by SunshineGirls Cleaning:

Clean windows equal a more welcoming look for your home or business. From houses to office buildings, we clean all sorts of windows.

Get the gorgeous look your home or business deserves. You receive guaranteed excellence of the end result, based on years of accumulated experience and on the use of specialised tools and equipment.

SunshineGirls Cleaning team boasts proven expertise in servicing residential and business properties alike.

We employ widely tested window cleaning techniques that are appropriate for the specificity of each task.

We are open Monday to Saturday.


Benefits Of Booking Professional Window Cleaning:

Having clean windows improves the appearance of your home or business.

SunshineGirls Cleaning Professional Window Cleaning will save you both time and energy.

You won’t have to worry about your safety.

The cleaners are some of the most experienced in Gauging and they take all the necessary safety precautions.

We also bring our own equipment and detergents so you won’t have to worry about anything. Regular maintenance of your windows prevents them from getting damaged permanently from accumulated dirt and debris and extends their lifespan.

Why Choose SunshineGirls Cleaning Window Cleaning Services in Gauteng?

Prompt, reliable and friendly experts

Same day service

Affordable rates

Customer support, available at all times

Convenient booking channels over the phone or online


What Does The Window Cleaning Include?

Water fed poles

Ladder less cleaning

Water is fed from the tap, through a filter to remove impurities

No chemicals or residue for dirt particles to attach to

Windows stay cleaner for longer

No need to dry windows – windows air dry

Cleaning quick and efficient

Cleaning includes wiping down frames & sills

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