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Carpet And Rug Cleaning Services in Gauteng

Carpet Cleaning Services by SunshineGirls Cleaning

SunshineGirls Cleaning Carpet and Rug Cleaning in Gauteng – great and affordable services you can trust! Using the most advanced cleaning methods, the professional cleaners will bring your carpets back to their prior glory.

We deliver a professional rug and carpet cleaning services that combine stain treatment and carpet fabric protection techniques to provide you with the ultimate solution for your carpets and rugs.

We are open Monday to Saturday.

Benefits You Get When Booking Professional Carpet Cleaning:

Extends the life of your carpet or rug

Improves indoor air quality

Makes carpets easier to maintain

Prevents the buildup of allergens and bacteria

Removes spots and stains without damaging the fabric

Why Choose Us?

Specialised cleaning, suited to your carpet’s specific fabric

Specialised cleaning, suited to your carpet’s specific fabric

Safe for pets, children and people with breathing difficulties

Same day service availability, Sundays & public holidays billed at double time

Professional and friendly cleaners

Carpets quoted per room

Our Process:

No steam/dry cleaning

Cold water only

We do collect/clean/dry/deodorise/wrap loose rugs

Persian carpets get collected/cleaned/dried/deodorised/ wrapped and delivered

Pet treatment – we use a product that removes odours and stains from pet markings. The products also prevents the pet remarking the area for a period of time

Persian carpets:

Need lots of TLC and a gentle cleaning process

No harsh chemicals

Must be dried as fast as possible

Fibres get brushed once they are dry

Persian Carpet
Fitted Carpet

Fitted carpets:

Furniture gets moved

Skirting’s get cleaned before we clean the carpets

Once the carpets have been cleaned the furniture gets put back into its original position

We place small pieces of cardboard under legs and feet of furniture to prevent marking while the carpet is wet

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