Pre and Post Occupational Cleaning

Moving In Or Out?
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Pre and Post Occupational Cleaning Services by SunshineGirls Cleaning:

Pre and Post occupation cleaning is a necessity when moving. We do a deep cleaning of the entire premises from floor to ceiling. Ensuring your new home, is hygienically clean, as well as leaving your old premises looking and feeling welcoming for the new owners/tenants.

Our pre and post occupation cleaning service is a very detailed clean, that requires professional cleaning equipment and supplies.

The products we use are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, biodegradable and gentle on your home. We make sure that every square inch of your space is sanitized and disinfected.

We are open Monday to Saturday.

Pre and Post Occupational Cleaning

Pre and Post Occupational Cleaning for the following industries:

Letting agents

Estate agents

Building contractors


Plumbers and electrical contractors

Property management companies

Relocation companies

What Can You Expect?

All equipment & chemicals supplied by SunShineGirls Cleaning.

The team is managed for the full duration of the clean.

Loose rugs & upholstery cleaned at an additional cost.

The amount of time the clean will take depends on the following:

- Size of the property
- Condition of the property
- Post renovation cleans will take a little longer
- If it’s a new building the process takes a little longer

Our Work Schedule Is As Follows:

Windows cleaned inside & outside

Window sills & frames cleaned to remove spider webs, etc

Walls & doors spot cleaned

Cornices & skirting’s cleaned

Light fitting & light switches cleaned

All cupboards cleaned inside & out

Kitchen floors & counters deep cleaned, especially on top of the cupboards & cupboard handles

Oven’s & extractors cleaned

Bathrooms deep cleaned

Bathroom & kitchen tiles wiped down

Tiled areas scrubbed with a single disc scrubber

Laminate floors vacuumed & then cleaned with laminate cleaner

Patio’s cleaned

Braais cleaned

Fitted carpets – wet extraction done

Staff accommodation cleaned

Garages cleaned

Store rooms cleaned

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