Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning in Gauteng

Upholstery Cleaning Services by SunshineGirls Cleaning

Professional Upholstery Cleaning in Johannesburg and Pretoria provided by SunshineGirls Cleaning.

The service includes tested and effective techniques for stain removal. As well as, general deep upholstery cleaning that protects the fabric of your sofa and chairs.

Get your mattress, sofa and chair upholstery refreshed and sanitised with a professional upholstery cleaning service in Gauteng!

We are open Monday to Saturday.

Benefits You Get By Booking Upholstery Cleaning:

Prolongs the life of your Upholstery

Different cleaning methods based on the fabric of your upholstery

Stain pre-treatment

Removes pollen and dust that can cause allergies and agitate the eyes, nose, and throat.

Why Choose Us?

Quality Service

Professionally trained and experienced cleaners

Carpets quoted per room

Easy booking methods

Our Process:

Furniture moved outdoors where possible

Furniture lightly sprayed

High traffic areas light scrubbed and treated (arm rests, head rests, etc)

Water, dirt & chemicals then get extracted

No hot water, only cold water

No dry cleaning

No steam cleaning

Drying time dependant on the weather & air flow

Drying time anything between 2 to 6 hours

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